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Enjoy Naturally Upright, Relaxed Posture

Now Latex-Free. The new band material is softer, silkier and less bulky.

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Using the Core Body Braid is simple and easy for sitting, where we need it the most. To wear for any activity, click this link for the Body Braid System that includes a Core Body Braid plus Extension Straps. By adding Extension Straps, the Core Body Braid can be adapted for any activity - including walking, sports, dance and yoga. But this adds considerable complexity and takes learning new skills and practice to get the right fit for each person's shape and body size.


For everyone, using the Core Body Braid even occasionally for sitting is an important foundation for working with this innovative approach to supporting and reinforcing your body's connective tissue, retraining alignment through your body's core. 


ONE SIZE - The Core Body Braid is designed to be very adjustable to fit the wide range of body shapes and sizes, as well as for a variety of ways of using it. The one-size Core Body Braid fits people weighing over 100 pounds/45 kgs.   






A Close Look at the Core Body Braid


Click here for extra Extension Straps to wear your Core Body Braid doing any activity.


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