• Extension Straps for Core Body Braid

Extension Straps for Core Body Braid

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Do any activity wearing the Core Body Braid with Extension Straps.

This set of both Short and Long Extension Straps gives you the full range of braiding options. The Short Extension Straps allow for basic braiding down to the feet for walking. Adding Long Extension Straps allows more complex braiding for better stabilization down your legs to wear for any activity.

Please keep in mind that the Core Body Braid is simple and easy to use for sitting and that adding the extension straps takes learning new skills and practice. It is best to start with using the Core Body Braid for sitting until you get familiar with it and benefit from the realigning of your core. That is an important foundation before taking on the challenge of working with the extension straps. 

There are instructional videos for working with the extension straps and more are being developed. Click here for instructional videos.

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