• Original Body Braid - For Better Posture and Alignment
  • Original Body Braid - For Better Posture and Alignment
  • Original Body Braid - For Better Posture and Alignment
  • Original Body Braid - For Better Posture and Alignment
  • Original Body Braid - For Better Posture and Alignment
  • Original Body Braid - For Better Posture and Alignment

Original Body Braid - For Better Posture and Alignment

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Tune Into Your Body with Customizable Posture Support



The Original Body Braid was our original product. Even though it takes considerable learning and practice to use, thousands of people have found it very helpful. The Core Body Braid now gives the essential benefit of this system simply and easily each time you sit down. And the Core Body Braid can be adapted by adding the included extension straps to use for walking or any other activity, the same as the Original Body Braid. The Core Body Braid is both a better introduction to the Body Braid system and it gives many more options. Now that the Core Body Braid is available, it is a better product for most people, both new and experienced. For motivated people wanting the added challenge of the Orignail Body Braid, it is still available by sending a message here.

Designed to enhance your mind-body connection, the Original Body Braid amplifies your sense of coordination and posture — also known as proprioception or kinaesthetic awareness. You can wrap the Advanced Body Braid in a four- or six-cross configuration. The comfortable posture strap adjusts to accommodate different body types and provide different results. Adjusting the loops to be smaller creates a tighter fit for a more intense, vigorous and athletic workout. Making the loops bigger creates a looser fit for a more gentle, soothing, and restorative effect. Experience the right balance of support and challenge with the versatile Original Body Braid. It's available in black and white and comes in small, medium and large sizes.

The included Hip Belt is a handy accessory that wraps around your hips to provide extra stability. It helps prevent the Orignial Body Braid from slipping while engaging in activities that require bending forward at the waist, including sitting, yoga and dancing. The elasticized posture strap features adjustable hook-and loop closures that secure it around your hips. Two flaps easily fasten the Hip Belt to the Body Braid.

The included Hip Belt is available in a range of sizes:

  • For hip size 30–34"(76–86 cm): Extra small
  • For hip size 34–42"(86–104 cm): Small
  • For hip size 42–48" (104–122 cm): Medium
  • For hip size 48–56" (122–142 cm): Large
  • For hip size 56–64" (142–162 cm): Extra Large

Indicate your preferred size in "Special Instructions" at checkout.


Gently places pressure on your body for a pleasurable feeling of resistance


Is the Original Body Braid quick and simple to use?
Similar to learning how to tie shoelaces, use the Original Body Braid is complex and time consuming at first but gets quicker and easier with regular practice. It needs learning how to braid the bands around your body, and it requires braiding each time you put it on. Please review the instructional videos below to learn more about what is involved. Unless you feel confident about learning the braiding, please consider the Core Braid as a better introduction to the Body Braid system.

Does the Body Braid life your mood?
Our mood is affected by our posture and poise. If you have ever noticed how collapsing into slouch goes along with feeling down, or how good it feels when your body lightens up with excitement, that is the link between body and mood. This gentle cue to move upright can lift both body and mood. It's important to note that everyone responds differently, and the relationship between mood and posture when using the Body Braid.

Body Braid 4 Wrap Tutorial (without Hip Belt) from Blair Voyvodic on Vimeo.

Body Braid: Hip Belt Instructions from Blair Voyvodic on Vimeo.


 For more instructional videos click here.

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