Size Guide

The Core Body Braid is one-size and adjustable to fit most adult body sizes over 100 pounds/45 Kg.

The Basic Body Braid comes in three sizes depending on body weight:

  • Small for body weight 120-150 pounds
  • Medium for body weight 150-200 pounds
  • Large for body weight over 200 pounds

And the Basic Body Braid comes with a free Hip Belt which comes in five sizes depending on hip measurement. Note this is hip size rather than waist size. Please indicate which hip belt size you want in the comments section at checkout. 

  • For hip size 30–34"(76–86 cm): Extra small
  • For hip size 34–42"(86–104 cm): Small
  • For hip size 42–48" (104–122 cm): Medium
  • For hip size 48–56" (122–142 cm): Large
  • For hip size 56–64" (142–162 cm): Extra Large

The Arm Braid comes in five sizes:


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