Instructions for Advanced Body Braid


Below are instructional videos showing how to wrap the Advanced Body Braid in a 6 or 4 cross configuration, with or without a Hip Belt. There is also a video demonstrating the Hip Belt.


One way to size for the 6 cross, adjust the length of the loops so that when the loops are hanging off your shoulders, the material rests on the floor about three times the length of your foot. Add more length if you have a wider frame. The video shows another way of estimating the best size.


Different sizing gives different effects. Making the loops smaller makes a tighter fit for a more intense, vigorous and athletic workout. Making the loops bigger makes a looser fit for a more gentle, soothing, and restorative effect.  


The location of the six crosses are:

1) Outside the chest

2) Outside the opposite hip

3) Inside the thigh

4) Outside the knee

5) Inside the upper shin

6) Outside the ankle


This pattern is repeated for each of the two loops, right and left.


Moving from one cross down to the next, follow the same pattern of four steps each time:

  1. Front First – The strap coming across the front of your body lays down first

  2. Back Over – The strap coming across the back of your body lays down second to be on top at the next cross

  3. Step Through – Step through the remaining loop. After the first cross, you step through with both feet to come to the other side of your body. Each time after that, step through with one foot.

  4. Hands return – Return your hands back up to the cross you just made. This helps make sure the cross is in the right place, laying flat with a gentle tension, to be ready to move on to the next cross.

Repeat these four steps:

Front First, Back Over, Step Through, Hands Return

Front First, Back Over, Step Through, Hands Return

Front First, Back Over, Step Through, Hands Return...... 












Important Tips - Make sure the straps lay smoothly against your body with no twists. Feel your way along with your fingers as you lay the straps smoothly. You will be able to see to check this for the front straps. It helps to have a mirror to check the back straps are laying smoothly without twists and that the centre cross point with the logo is at the midline, over your spine, at your upper back.

After making the second cross, sitting down adds stability and balance, making it easier to braid down the leg.




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