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Meet the Team Behind the Body Braid System

Inventor and Founder: Blair Voyvodic B. Sc. (Physics), MD

Blair began his career in the 1970s with physics research, which he balanced with a passion for Contact Improv Dancing. He went into medicine as a way to become more engaged in people’s lives. For most of his career, Blair has been doctoring in remote, underserved areas where creative ingenuity is as important as compassion and science. What started out as a playful project building a "Jolly Jumper" for adults evolved into 20 years of experimental design in the health benefits of uplifting support and elastic resilience. The result of this is the Body Braid System. Recently made available to the public, Blair is continuing to develop the innovative Body Braid System and its wide-ranging applications.


Ruth Douthwright is a Dance Artist and Movement Educator in London, Canada. She has extensive experience in Canada, UK, Belgium and Japan. Ruth has been key to the development of the Body Braid System with her integration of Axis Syllabus and the work of Frey Faust.

Christine Graves B.Sc (OT) is a Music and Movement Educator and Feldenkrais Practitioner. She was the Occupational Therapist at the Ottawa Hospital Feldenkrais Clinic for many years. She is also an accomplished Singer/Songwriter and Ukulele teacher in Ottawa, Canada.

Dino Paoletti M. Ed. is a Counsellor, Dancer and Community Educator in Toronto, Canada.

Marian Paglia is a Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Aerialist in Newcastle, Australia.

Dave Nimmons is a Writer and Organizational Developer based in Brooklyn, USA. He is a major supporter and networker for people using the Body Braid.

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